We are creating a collaboration to develop green methanol and olefins as renewable chemical feedstocks for the UK Plastics and Fuels industries

Green Methanol and Green Olefins

Green methanol is methanol produced from captured, renewable/non-virgin carbon dioxide and green electricity.  It is chemically identical to methanol, which means it can easily replace fossil fuel methanol as a chemical feedstock supporting the development of a UK circular plastics industry.  

Using the MTO process Green Methanol can be used to create Green Olefins, key feedstocks for the UK chemicals industry, aiding the transition towards a sustainable and circular UK chemicals Industry.  

Green methanol can additionally be used as an alternative fuel or fuel feedstock, aiding the greening of hard to green sectors like shipping and aviation.  

We see green methanol as a key component in the UK’s Net Zero ambitions, by supporting the creation of a sustainable supply chain for the UK’s plastics industry, and providing a source of alternative fuel for hard to electrify transport and energy sectors.  


Image Credit: Bureau Veritas- Marine and offshore